Little White Pills

by Terry Severhill

Gotta make it just one more hill.
Been up for three days and nights.
Been eating those little white pills.
If Charlie don’t get ya the lifers will.
The major’s back in the rear.
I’m humping ‘bout a hundred pounds of gear.
Gotta make it up just one more hill.
Major said he wanted a whole lotta kills.
The sun ain’t been seen for two months or so.
Guess I’ll see a whole lotta rain before I go.
Looks like I’ll have to get some of those little white pills,
‘Cuz the major just found us another FUCKING HILL!

Terry Severhill has been writing poetry since 1966. A stint in the Marine Corps as a member of a CAP unit in Vietnam (1969-1970) has been the basis of many of his writings. He has been published in the San Diego Poetry Journal, Damnfino, A Quiet Courage, Mad Swirl, Red Omnivore, Soul-Lit, Drowning Gull, and was the recipient of the “Art Young’s Good Morning Memorial Award for Poetry 2016” from the Garbanzo Literary Journal. Additionally, he has appeared in six anthologies. He resides in Vista, California with his best friend and wife of forty years.

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